(per person)

*Tomato bruschetta on toasted garlic crostini’s - $2.75pp

*Bacon & cream cheese wrapped shrimp - $3.00pp

Mini lemon & dill salmon cakes - $3.00pp

Spicy Italian meatballs - 2.50pp

Roasted tomato, ricotta & basil crostinis - $2.50pp

Herb & olive oil marinated mozzarella balls w/ baby reds - $2.00pp

Fried ravioli w/ marinara - $2.50pp

Unstuffed bell pepper bites - $2.25pp

Goat cheese & pear w/ honey drizzle crostini's - $2.50pp

Teriyaki & sesame glazed beef tenderloin skewers - $3.00pp

Goat Cheese & Olive Tampanade on toasted garlic crostini's - $2.75

Roasted red pepper hummus with naan pita triangles - $1.75pp

Mini chicken pot pies in filo cups - $2.50pp

Chicken satay skewers w/ peanut sauce - $2.50pp

*Marscapone & stilton cream stuffed strawberries - $2.50pp

Spinach and caramelized onion fritatta triangles - $2.75pp

*Grapes, variety cheeses and cracker arrangement - $3.00pp

Ham & cheese in puffed pastry bites - $2.25pp

Antipasta (sliced meats) w/ cheese and cracker arrangement - $3.50pp

*Beef tenderloin skewers w/ gorganzola & balsamic glaze - $4.00pp

*Mini crab cakes with spicy sriracha lemon remoulade $3.50pp

*Greek beef & lamb meatballs w/ tzatziki sauce - $2.75pp

*Loaded roasted loaded potato bites - $2.50

Italian crab stuffed crimini mushrooms * - $2.75pp

Sausage stuffed crimini mushrooms - $2.25pp

Mini chicken salad bites on pita chips - $2.50pp

Caprese skewers (mozzarella, basil, roasted cherry tomatoes) - $2.75pp

*Swedish meatballs - $2.50pp

Green chile queso blanco - $2.50pp

*Chipotle chicken skewers - $2.75pp
*Thai Coconut & Curry chicken skewers - $2.75pp

*Grilled Spanish potato slices w/ sundried tomato aioli - $2.00pp

Fruit skewers w/ a strawberry drizzle - $2.75pp

*Catering Craze customer favorite.

Missing one of your favorite appetizers? 

Just let us know & we can make it happen!

**Pricing is per person not per piece.  Most appetizers include 4-5 pieces per person. We recommend to start with a buffet as a base and add on a couple appetizer selections to your menu.

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